Genette Tate Investigation Group supporters used the 33rd anniversary of the abduction and murder of schoolgirl Genette Tate to give out a leaflet, available in PDF for you to download and distribute, to inform the public in Aylesbeare and its environs about our work and to ask people to come forward, in confidence, with any relevant information.

Here are some photos taken today in and around the area:

Destination murder. Within Lane, Aylesbeare, the back road along which Genette was cycling in August 1978 when she was snatched.
One of our supporters decided to put a poster up for locals driving into the village…
Nothing better could be posted on this Parish Council notice board.
Aylesbeare Village Hall, scene of an extraordinary meeting held shortly after Genette’s disappearance where the Chief Constable of Devon Police told a packed hall he wasn’t interested in any evidence relating to possible wrongdoing by John Tate.
Barton Farm, Aylesbeare, today. The Tate family lived in the cottages to the left and behind the yard.

If you want to DO something then you can download the PDF available from us, take a high-quality or fine print copy (or download it to a memory stick) to your local photocopying facility, get several hundred and distribute them locally.

We need your assistance. Please think about the many children, victims of sexual abuse, who have suffered like those in Aylesbeare and far beyond. This is a great opportunity to do something for them and to assist us in encouraging the authorities to take effective action against those responsible for Genette’s abduction and murder.