Ian Bealey is a man you probably won’t have heard of unless you’re particularly interested in local crime history or the Genette Tate case. This is surprising given how much we hear about other killers whether it be Black, Tobin, Bellfield, or Nielsen. Bealey’s 1981 murder of Tiverton student Virginia Maunder was described at his Exeter Crown Court trial as callous, deliberate, evil, terrifying and calculated.

Ian Bealey, the cold, calculating, evil murderer of a Tiverton schoolgirl.

As you will discover, the date of Virginia’s murder, February 2nd, is of huge occult significance (February 2nd is Candlemass) and this aspect will take on much greater significance as we expand on this basic introduction to Ian Bealey’s activities in and around Exeter between the mid 1970s and 1981.

Bealey was released from prison around only 18 months ago after serving a lot longer sentence than he was originally scheduled to. This is almost exclusively the result of a campaign by Virginia’s mother, Clio Maunder, of Old Blundells, Tiverton, who is a supporter of the Genette Tate Investigation Group. For perhaps obvious reasons, Clio and her late husband (who was a Professor at nearby Exeter University) were interested in the many disturbing similarities between their daughter’s case and the earlier Genette Tate affair.

Certain facts are known: In the first place, Bealey admitted, an hour BEFORE anyone (including, perhaps, Genette’s father John Tate) learned of Genette’s disappearance that he knew of the case.

From a newspaper report on the Bealey trial, July 1981

Michael Bastin moved to Australia in 1982 and by 1983 two detectives from Devon and Cornwall Police were tasked to travel to Oz to get a formal statement from him. (The police had lost, mislaid or otherwise spirited away the initial statement or information relating to Michael’s testimony.) Upon their return, the detectives were very upbeat that they had their man and that charges would be brought.

As you know, nothing happened. No charges were made. Why?

Part of this case relates to disinformation, particularly in certain local news reports where factual errors have crept in and never been challenged – either by the Police or by John Tate despite their knowing that information is dangerously misleading and/or incorrect. Such an example relates to the curious leaking of the two detectives “secret visit” to Australia, known by only five people; the detectives themselves, Michael’s brother John Bastin, and John Tate and his wife. Neither the detectives nor the Bastins leaked the information, leaving the Tates. Upon arriving in Australia the detectives found themselves besieged by press and media. Subsequently, the journey to interview a most vital, credible, WITNESS was reported widely as “Police visiting a double murderer who knew Ian Bealey.”

The reader will draw their own conclusions…….

Bealey is known, for a fact, to have been in the area on August 19th, 1978. He regularly visited Barton Hall Farm, Aylesbeare, Genette’s home. He knew John Tate and was seen drinking with him on a regular basis. On 19th August he was at the Milk Marketing Board’s AI Unit (Artificial Insemination) no more than a mile away from Aylesbeare towards Exeter Airport. Genette went missing at around 3.25-3.30pm and by 3.45-3.50pm Bealey was at his work offices filling out a form.

(Amazingly, the Police NEVER interviewed anyone at the AI Unit, mistakenly believing, according to one former detective, that it was “closed on Saturdays.”  Detective Tony Furzeland insisted that this was the case.)

Bealey knew the back lanes remarkably well. He knew all the local farmers and they knew him. He had been in the Tate’s yard many times. Furthermore, if we examine Bealey’s Modus Operandi for the 1981 murder, covered in great detail in the many reports of the trial, we can get a good idea about the kind of man, and the kind of plan, that he might have put in place for the 1978 abduction. (More on this to follow.)

The feeling is that from the mid 1970s he was involved in a variety of highly questionable activities. It is known, for instance, that he worked at a local women’s refuge where he “volunteered.” Cold, calculating? What do you think?

As a well-known journalist with a national daily asked us in the mid 1980s, “Don’t you think it’s odd that nobody is talking about the fact that two known child perverts were in Aylesbeare that day?” He was referring, of course, to John Tate and Ian Bealey.


And this is where things get really odd. Shortly after Genette’s disappearance we are given to understand that family members went to stay with a friend of Vi Tate (John Tate’s 1978 wife) called June Bealey, Ian Bealey’s sister-in-law, with whom she worked as an Auxiliary Nurse. If true, this is game, set and match as far as we are concerned as John Tate rubbished any link involving Ian Bealey several times to journalists and in print (in his own book!).

Even more amazingly, and this is 100% checkable, one of our leading investigators made it his business to get to know the Tates very well from the early 1980s onwards and he met them on many occasions, even taking the couple to the location where the evidence suggests Genette is (still) buried. This location is Quarry Lane, Digby, Exeter, where Ian Bealey dumped the body of Virginia Maunder in 1981. (You know what they say about criminals frequently returning to the scene of their crime, not to mention their being creatures of some habit.)

During a conversation with John and Kathy Tate (the next wife, after Vi was off the scene) in the mid 1980s Kathy dropped a bombshell mid-conversation and John Tate was visibly, and badly, shaken. She made it clear that both she and John Tate had been told, categorically, by the Police, that Ian Bealey was the murderer. Tate rather hoped she’d have kept that bit of news to herself…….

And this is just the start, a few chunky morsels, of a much more involved story to appear on this site in the next few days…….