GTIG – The Genette Tate Investigation Group is the name for our small group of investigators with little money, but a great deal of determination, a world of truth and an amazing, fully researched story to tell.

It all started on that fateful day – Saturday August 19th, 1978 – when 13-year-old Genette Tate disappeared whilst doing a paperound on her bike in the village of Aylesbeare.

This small, East Devon dwelling was not just any village – as locals, and witnesses, who have spoken to us will tell you. This was a place with dark secrets, frightened people and a small number of children for whom life was intolerable due to their being subject to a variety of horrifying sexual abuse practices.

One the day in question, Genette left her house, took a somewhat circuitous route to the main road, and picked up a number of newspapers for local delivery from the bus stop near Nine Oaks Cross. She then proceeded back towards the village along Within Lane whereupon a number of local witnesses, including Tracy Pratt and Margaret Heavey, claim to have seen her. (There are difficulties with this testimony, as you will come to see as more information is presented. But there is no doubt that Genette WAS in Within Lane at the time of her disappearance.)

The official story, about their finding Genette’s bike, “with its wheel still turning”, their claims to have found the bike at a spot by a gate a short distance from the village and the media suggestion that there were, and are, no further witnesses to the incident (or incidents) is a tissue of half-truths, quarter-truths and nothing like the truth at all.

There were several other witnesses; a driving instructor and his wife, a local farm-worker and a young man by the bridge further down Within Lane. One set of statements mysteriously vanished at the early stages of the investigation. Another witness was forced to change his statement under pressure from local Police.

The official story neither makes sense nor relates to the facts.

That is where the Genette Tate Investigation Group started its own investigation. We have been able to put an alternative, credible, believable, yet shocking, story together by speaking to first-hand witnesses, examing primary sources and by interacting with detectives tasked to investigate the case over the last 30+ years. We have had to ask difficult questions and face some unpalatable realities but we are still here, we are determined, and we know that the truth must be told.

Initially, we felt that we had a moral responsibility to find and locate Genette Tate’s burial place. We believe we have done so. We also felt we had to do our best to find out as much as we could about the pre-trial activities – pre-1981 – of convicted local murderer Ian Bealey. For many reasons we believe that Bealey is absolutely central to this affair.

This website is one way for us to tell our story.

You are more than welcome to contact us, especially if you have information pertinent to our investigation. You can do this by e-mail,