One thing is for sure; we never expected to hear some of the shocking claims we have from Aylesbeare people when we first started this investigation. Given the sincerity and credibility of the witnesses who have come forward, albeit in secret for fear of perhaps being permanently silenced, we have no alternative but to put their stories into the public domain.

The saddest thing of all is that SO many people, now adults, who grew up in the Aylesbeare area in the 1970s, recount similar stories. It is another example of the many and varied “open secrets” that some children had to carry with them into adult life and with which they have always struggled…for fear of being disbelieved, for fear of feeling that they were somehow to blame or, worse, that the kinds of behaviour we are about to expose was/is somehow “normal”.

The fact that some, how should we put this, well known local officials in Aylesbeare have, in typical and cowardly style, crept around in the background trying to get others to attempt to stifle our investigation tells us a great deal about their attitudes to the Genette Tate affair. “Out of sight, out of mind” hardly covers it but we know who some of these people are and we wonder, out loud, how they can live with their immorality and lamentable efforts to continue the Tate cover-up. What do these people have to hide 33 years on? You have to wonder.

Say nothing, see nothing, hear nothing has worked for 33 years but not for much longer.......

By their works shall we know them…….It is difficult to have anything more than the deepest contempt for people in any position of authority who continually attempt to to hinder a genuine investigation.


If, on the other hand, this kind of thing is maybe what you’d expect to emerge from an investigation such as this and are mentally steeled to cope with it then feel free to read on. But we have at least offered you the choice.

What we can say here, with total assurance, is that the witness we have spoken to about this specific incident is totally credible, has a fully checkable background, moved to the village not long before the events that we are describing and has gone on to have a successful and hard-working career. So what he tells us cannot be in doubt.

Although some people are still in denial, this account will ring bells with the core of genuine detectives who worked this case in the 1980s and into the early 1990s. When you hear this story you cannot fail to be moved. Furthermore, you cannot fail to conclude that something deeply deeply rotten was happening in Aylesbeare in the 1970s and probably well into the 1980s.

THIS STORY relates to a boy relatively new to the area in September 1978. Like so many others, he caught the school bus to Exmouth every morning with the other children from the village. It didn’t take long for him to realise that some of the things that happened on the bus were, to say the very least, worrying.

One day, shortly after the beginning of the new term, in other words in September 1978, a few short weeks after Genette Tate’s disappearance, upon returning from school, the boy’s parents noticed that he was seriously out of sorts, particularly deflated and simply not himself. He looked dishevelled, very upset and tearful when he arrived home from school.

Upon questioning, the boy opened up. What emerged was horrifying. He had been near the back of the school bus with the usual crowd of children. To cut a long story short he states that he was taken to the back of the bus by a group of girls, two of whom are, we believe, well known to this investigation. Simply stated, a sexual assault is alleged to have taken place. The boy went into detail. His parents were in no doubt whatsoever about the true nature and extent of what had occurred and it goes without saying that the boy has not forgotten the ordeal.

The details are as clear in his mind now, in 2011, as they were in September 1978.

We have spoken to this man and he is absolutely, 100%, clear as to what occurred. It has not been difficult to find other children from the time who say they knew of, or witnessed, similar activities on the schoolbus. Those who didn’t actually witness such events assuredly heard of them but where does any of this appear in the official investigation?

Material like this does not appear anywhere in the official story. It is NOT credible that the Police were unaware of this kind of information at the time of Genette’s disappearance. This particular story has been relayed to them, without the personal details of the witness being transmitted, and they are just not interested despite having made no progress in the case, year after year, despite their continual assurances, because of a completely flawed approach, an element of gullibility, of belief in the “system” and an ongoing attempt to cover for a powerful clique who don’t want anything to come out.

But we’re not going away.

Remember, it is the usual official line that there is, and can never be, a “conspiracy” (in other words, no coming together of various forces to commit an overt criminal act), at least as far as Genette Tate’s disappearance is concerned. It was just an “unknown, lone nutjob and we’ll never know exactly which one”. Or, depending upon the mood and the individual telling the tale, “It was Robert Black. It must be him.”

Therefore, evidence that widespread sexual abuse was happening within the very same circle of schoolfriends associated with a vulnerable, abused and frightened 13-year-old at the time of her disappearance does not fit the official profile…and therefore shall be ignored at all costs.

But what does the EVIDENCE suggest? It suggests that perverse sexual practices involving children were seen by a small number of abused children in the area as normal to the extent that what they had seen, or, worse, been party to from a physical point of view, had become commonplace; second nature. These children were so damaged that they seem to have felt it “normal” to inflict a level of sexual abuse on other children in a very public place; the school bus. They obviously had a worrying level of confidence where such repugnant acts were concerned…

As another local witness, who also went to school with this group, said to us, “did you know about the stuff that happened on the school bus?” This person was actually unaware of the specific example we provide here, which again suggests that the practices described were relatively well known to local children.

Nobody wants this to be the case. We certainly don’t. The majority of people within our investigation group are family people. We have children. We love them. We’d do anything to protect them. That is the normality within which we exist. There can be no argument as the to inherent morality and goodness of the family unit; loving parents doing the level best for their children, doing their best to bring them up, trying to protect them from every evil. Sometimes the model breaks down and children end up scared and terrified of abusive parents.

Obviously such a scenario is one that fits with a number of families in 1970s Aylesbeare. They obviously did not hold to the societal norms where morality and family are concerned. The children within these families, would, and could, become targets of the most vicious forms of organised predatory paedophilia. And to whom could they turn for help?

This state of affairs goes to the very heart of the Genette Tate case. Clearly Genette and her sister Tania were the victims of sexual abuse, as we have amply demonstrated from publically available sources, from Tania’s testimony and from John Tate’s own admissions. Clearly such sinister, horrible, perverted, immoral and abusive behaviours were not restricted to the Tate girls; such things were relatively widespread in the area in which they lived. It is not surprising that certain elements wish to keep this information hidden. However, to fully prosecute this case and follow up all the relevant leads, as the authorities have failed to do, is a simple matter of decency and morality.

Keeping quiet is, therefore, not an option…….