Finding the truth about Genette Tate’s disappearance has not been easy and has taken up 30 years of our lead investigator’s life. Some of us are relatively new to this in comparison but already we’ve done enough, if you like, to get the local Police to try and shut us up.



If Devon CID are to be believed all the evidence relating to the disappearance of Genette Tate must be ignored and eliminated.

Furthermore, we, GTIG, must be silenced or, at least, encouraged to do so. So pressure was applied by Devon CID on us to stop producing our leaflets and posting to this small and, supposedly, insignificant site.

It’s been 33 years and yet, according to recently interviewed top-cop-on-the-Genette-case it is only now, AFTER ALL THIS TIME, that she and her colleagues are going to “look into possible similarities between the Jennifer Cardy case and the Genette disappearance.” If Detective Jane Williams was running a business it’d have gone bust years ago. She’s been in post since 2002 and has achieved nothing in terms of the Tate case. But it is true that she is in a difficult position because the higher-ups at Devon CID, true to form and in line with their continued abilities to ignore the obvious yet painful truths evident from a fundamental re-examination of the case, are looking in the wrong place.


Thousands go missing each year. Back in the late 1970s the numbers were in the tens of thousand even then. True, the majority were subsquently accounted for; others just wanted a different or new life, information was much less easy to diffuse back then as we know but a hardcore of children, many hundreds, still went too many cases without a trace. So blaming Robert Black for every unsolved child abduction or murder dating back to the mid 1970s is simply lazy and bad policing. It’s typical though; get a bad guy and put everything on him.

Yes, Robert Black is a sick individual who deserves the most hellish of lives and the worse punishments available within the law. No doubt. Some oiks have suggested that because we postulate another set of possibilities for the Tate abduction we are somehow “soft on Black”. Err, no. To suggest that is lazier thinking than that which appears to be affecting local CID personnel. Black deserves everything he gets, and more.


Genette Tate went missing within a 20 minute window of time on the afternoon of August 19th, 1978. All the witnesses and evidence suggest this. We have explained much of this on this website but there is a lot more as new people come forward, contact us (not the Police, because they don’t trust the Police for their own reasons) and tell us their stories, even if only perhaps tangentially related to the events in question. (They certainly give us a great deal of fascinating background into child abuse in Aylesbeare at the time and the sexual antics of many of those very closely related by family or friendship to Genette and Tania Tate.)

To be clear; NO RED TRANSIT VAN WAS IN WITHEN LANE ON THE DAY IN QUESTION AT THE RELEVANT TIME. No witness reported it, no witness saw it. Nobody. Nada. Nothing. There was a car driven by a youngish man with dark hair whose photofit was published in the national press shortly after the event. Independent witnesses (not Maggie Heavey or Tracy Pratt, who were hardly independent) saw this car; one of them was a Policeman’s wife and massively credible. Her evidence has been downplayed as has that of the farmer in the field at the relevant time who saw Maggie and Tracy behaving in a way that contrasts with their official utterances on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Devon Police, 18, yes 18, years after the event, started, for their own reasons, to believe ONE WITNESS (just one) who thought he might have seen a “red transit van near the Airport” on the afternoon on the 19th. Dodgy detectives like Exeter’s own Mr Diss came to push this “evidence” as part of  a new theory that Black did it. He, and his colleagues, became fixated on this theory to the extent that their judgement was obviously blinded to other, more likely, possibilities.

Their policy was to ignore the evidence from the lane, ignore the abuse happening within the Tate household, the abuse that has BEEN ADMITTED IN PUBLIC, ignore the odd behaviour of Genette and Tania on the morning in question, ignore the child abuse actively taking place in the village and associated (multiple) claims of “ritual activity”. Ignore everything, promote a theory.

As John Evans, former Devon and Cornwall police chief noted, candidly, they’d only get Black if he admitted it. Even then what value could be placed on a confession from a killer who’s never getting out and who has no reason to play ball with the authorities….

Furthermore, and think about this, Black’s other victims have, it seems, been found. After doing what he did he just dumped the bodies. That’s one way the Police were able to get him. In the case of Genette, despite our telling the Police where she might be buried, they’ve made no efforts, even to satisfy their own (hoped for) curiosity, in this regard which in itself tells its own story. I mean, wouldn’t you at least look? Certainly they haven’t looked there yet and it’s not for the want of trying. Only recently we told DS Jane Williams and a colleague of our suspicions and yet she appears disinterested. We don’t understand why….it makes little sense to us AND, we suggest, to family members who want some closure!

We understand that a second strand of so-called “evidence” is the Robert Black has “taunted Police” with comments about Devonshire countryside. Well, so what? Anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together knows that Aylesbeare-East Devon is rural.

Yes, folks, that’s it. The supposed “Robert Black link”. Oh, and of course, the picture drawn by Crediton psychic Carol Everett years after the event. (Although psychic evidence is of value we feel that this particular material is junk.)

Now it has been suggested to us, and not without a logical factor at least, that if Black was a known abductor – within child pervert circles – he might be have asked or encouraged to “get involved” in a Devon activity. Perhaps. It cannot be ruled out UNTIL YOU KNOW THAT THE DETECTIVES INVESTIGATING BLACK ruled him out YEARS AGO. Detective Furzeland was subsequently able to tell our chief investigator this; “We looked at Black and although he’s a bad egg he wasn’t anywhere near Devon at the time.”

Game over, we suggest. Time to look at the mass of evidence that Black didn’t abduct Genette Tate and to look a lot closer to home. Black was not active in the South West. The Police know this because their investigations have placed him elsewhere.

Devon CID are, we understand, concerned that certain “secret information” has been made available to their employers – us, the public – through this site. Well, the information we’ve published is public domain so we must leave the paranoid suspicion to the Police in this case.

No doubt they will wheel John Tate out again and again for the same old same old shots of him out and about in Aylesbeare as they did a week ago. That day we had 1500 hits on this site. Clearly, a significant and growing number of people don’t believe the lies. So they’ll have to try and shut us up some more, won’t they….

Meanwhile, lazy newspaper and TV reporters will trot out their two-minute news pieces for a disbelieving public whilst we shall, for our small part, try to counter their weight of propaganda, lies and total misrepresentation with as much fervour as we can muster.

Watch this space.

We demand Justice for Genette Tate and a fully-funded, new Police investigation coupled with an independent enquiry into the whole matter.

You might ask why they would do this. We can only judge the Genette Tate affair on the facts and evidence not on theory.

Check the facts, read the story that we have to tell, see what the Devon and Cornwall Police have done, and haven’t done.

The LATEST news is that our article entitled A Schoolboy Explains (see link below) has led to some amazing feedback including supporting information from (yet) another local witness who confirms, with their testimony, that we are exactly right to claim that sexual abuse was commonplace in Aylesbeare in the 1970s and that witnesses closely associated with the case may, as we suspected all along, have been involved.

And get this; the latest witness ONCE AGAIN comes forward with this rejoinder; “I told the Police but they weren’t interested.” The number of times we’ve heard this is sickening and exposes the regrettable lack of effort in more recent years to do more than parrot the deluded prison rantings of “Red Herring Ripper” Robert Black, the man who wasn’t in Aylesbeare on August 19th 1978.

The Police are ignoring the two men we know to have been there on the day, perhaps with other associates, both of whom are paedophiles, both of whom are still alive, one of whom, a local man, committed the vicious February 2nd 1981 murder of Tiverton student Virginia Maunder.


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